Sample Virtual Field Trip:

Take your Students to the New York Hall of Science!

If you can't visit the New York Hall of Science in person, say you live in Oregon, the next best thing is a Virtual Field Trip. You could tour the museum, disect a cow's eye, learn about the phases of matter and the science of sports and never leave the classroom. Programs like this help teachers supplement classroom lessons by providing students with exposure to experts. They can ask questions and get real-time feedback. They can watch experiments up close through the keen eye of the camera. Some say this is a better view than they would have had at the museum as they tried to see over someone's head, to hear what was being said. You be the judge.

Bringing science experts into the classroom from around the world is exciting and innovative and almost like a trip around the world. When kids go home at night they can say, "We went to New York today, and I asked a scientist if she had to go to college to do what she does at the museum." The answer would have been "yes," and students have had an opportunity to witness an authentic application of why it's necessary to learn certain things in the classroom.