This page is dedicated to online learning resources. Let it be known that the moderator of this Wiki is a believer in blended learning modalities, or hybrid classes, or call it just plain being creative with the tools at hand.

Many of us came into the profession with limited options. We left teacher training programs with a handbag of methodologies, media skills, and a few ideas about classroom management. Slowly, over the past 30 years, the tools and strategies and opportunities have exploded around us. Some jumped on the bus cautiously, but willingly; some got on the bus because they were told to. Some have dug in their heels.

There are so many talented teaching peers putting together programs and presenting creative ideas on blogs and websites and all kinds of so-called Web 2.0 media presentation tools, we'll share some of the best and the brightest on this page. The focus is on blended learning, or mixing together face-to-face learning with videoconferencing and online learning to fill unique needs and opportunities in creative ways.

The first person I'd like to present is Denise Herrenbruck. She's mastered the art of online teaching and shares some of her discoveries, ideas, and creations on her blog:
Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Five Things Students Want Their Teachers to Know about Online Learning

This article written by Lisa Nielsen for Technology & Learning's online magazine in December of 2011 outlines what's important for students when it comes to online learning. Interestingly, most of what's important to the kids polled for this article have to do with the importance of building relationships from a distance. Socialization is important to teenagers and students want to see each other, they want to see their teacher, and they want their teacher to know them. To me, this indicates that even when face-to-face, interactive videoconference tools are augmented with online learning strategies, it is still critical to maintain a regular face-to-face connection. Blend the tools, as it were. Mix it up. When asked WHY they appreciate opportunities to learn online, many of their responses were related to following one's passion...expanded being in control of their own learning, as in how they learn and what they learn.