Grant Proposal Preparation Process

  • Start by assessing your school or classroom needs: How will your students benefit?

Sample Survey:

Tip: Make a checklist of everything you will need by the grant deadline

  • Do you have the resources available to carry out the grant requirements and your proposed program?

-Does the grant require matching funds?
-Is your Program Planning Team in place?
-Do you have administrator support and instructional buy-in?
-How about community support?
-Can you get letters of support?
-Do you have partnerships in place?
-Have you studied the grant guidelines carefully?
-Are your job descriptions clear? Are those who will carry out these roles qualified to do so? Can you demonstrate their qualifications?--Program Management Capacity.
-Program implementation timelines in place?--Funders can tell if you've thought your program plan through carefully and have the resources to carry out the plan. They have reviewed hundreds of proposals.
-Have you thought about and can you demonstrate how you will leverage existing resources?
-What is the innovativeness of your program that makes it shine above all the other proposals?
-Explain your expected benefits and planned deliverables in ways that demonstrate you are capable of succeeding.
-Have you demonstrated program sustainability?
-Many technology grant programs require district/school technology plans. If you use eRate, your IT department may already have this document in place.
-Have you addressed critical instructional goals?
-Are professional learning opportunities embedded in your program?
-Is there a parent connection in your program?
-Will your network support your technology plans?
-Is your IT staff represented on your Planning Team?
-In your proposal, have your demonstrated why the project is critical?
-Have you demonstrated why videoconferencing (and other distance learning modalities) are the right tool and how they will be used?

Here is a website that offers tips for teachers on successful grantwriting:

Grantwriting Tips